New Year Resolutions… No Thanks!

The year ends, we reflect.

The year begins, we make changes.

The year continues, we forget.

The year flies by, we revert back.

The year ends, we reflect.

The year begins, we make the same changes.

I always love when the end of the year rolls around because conversations turn to self-reflection. It is such an important practice. Last year I thought I would try making a New Year goal rather than resolutions because like just about everyone else, I never follow through with my resolutions. After reflecting on 2011, I thought that I had come a long way in my confidence as a reader. I was lucky to be surrounded by inspiring readers but I hadn’t reached the confidence I desired. I made the goal to read 52 books in 2012.

At the end of 2012, I accomplished my goal. On January 1st, my friend asked so how do you think accomplishing that goal changed you? I was so happy she asked because I think I got too caught up in the competition of acheiving my goal, I had forgotten to think about what I was learning along the way.

After some thought and discussion, I realized that I can talk about various authors, I have a favourite genre, I can making book recommendations, I can go into book stores and know what to look for , I can confidently pick out a book to read rather than relying on a friend to choose a book for me. I can engage in conversations about reading, I can compare them to others.

Most importantly, I can see myself as a reader.

In 2013, I want to work towards my confidence as a writer.


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