Hong Kong is Home

Hong Kong

Hong Kong hike

Trains clattering

People walking

Trams clinking

Trees surrounding

Buses racing

Trails winding

Escalators whirring

Sun shining

Grandparents smiling

Newspapers rustling

Mountains reaching

Food sizzling

Children laughing

The best thing about Hong Kong is that it is my home.

7 thoughts on “Hong Kong is Home

  1. It’s been 22 years since I was in Hong Kong the last time. Memories……Hoping that I will be able to visit there again soon.

  2. I was there in December and understand much of what you have written. I loved the city and the transportation system was awesome. My husband lived there forty years ago when there was no underground system. I look forward to more slices from Hong Kong.

    • You should definitely put Hong Kong high on your list of places to visit. It has so much character and hidden beauty. Thanks for reading!

    • Thank you Ruth. I just moved here in August and I am absolutely in love. I don’t think I will find a better place to call home.

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