Conversations to make you smile

I sometimes think I should write a book about the entertaining dialogues I have with the children in my class, but then I realized that every teacher probably thinks that too.

Nonetheless, I have been keeping track of some of them in writer’s notebook.

So Many Noses

Shannon: Felicia, I love your sculpture. Can you tell me what you were making?

Felicia: Noses

Shannon: Pardon?

Felicia: Look so many noses! (Felicia points to her nose)

Shannon: Oh, you made a sculpture of some noses.

Felicia: Yea!

Shannon: Why did you choose to make noses with the clay?

Felicia: I see them! Andrew’s nose, Mei Ling’s nose, Geraldine’s nose, my nose, Nandana’s nose and Xanthe’s nose. So many noses!

Story Time

Shannon: I love the way, Felicia is ready for our story. Thank you Isobel for showing me that you are ready.

Cosmo: (lip sticking out) But Cosmo wants to be ready! Cosmo wants to be ready for our story.

Shannon: How do we show that we are ready?

Nathan: Sit nicely and listen.

Cosmo: But Cosmo wants to sit nicely (lip still sticking out)

Shannon: Okay Cosmo sit down to show me you are ready.

Cosmo: But, but Cosmo wants to sit nicely. (Still sticking out that lip)

Shannon: You can sit nicely Cosmo, put your bottom on the carpet.

Cosmo: But Cosmo wants to.

Shannon: Let me help you. (Shannon helps Cosmo sit down) Thank you for showing me that you are ready Cosmo.

Cosmo: (Big smile)

Baby Teeth

Shannon: I hear you have a new baby at your house, that is so exciting!

Ponyo: Yea! (with a big grin)

Shannon: What is her name?

Ponyo: Mei Mei, it’s a pretty name.

Shannon: I love that name. Do you get to help Mommy and Daddy with Mei Mei?

Ponyo: Yea, I help her go to sleep and help Mommy feed her. I can’t play with her though. She’s too small.

Shannon: Oh wow, Mei Mei is so lucky to have you as a big sister. It sounds like you help Mommy and Daddy a lot.

Ponyo: Yea but Mei Mei doesn’t have any teeth.

Shannon: She doesn’t?

Ponyo: No, she needs to go tot he dentist and he will put them in.


(This conversation takes place in the bathroom

note: We don’t have stalls in our bathroom)

Sarah: ( As she is sitting on the toilet) You know Shannon, I have a Chuchina.

Shannon: Do you?

Sarah: Yes. (looks to her friend Xanthe on the toilet) Xanthe do you have a chuchina?

Xanthe: I think so!

Sarah: Yea, I know you have a chuchina it is right there! Ms. Shannon has one too and my mommy has a chuchina and Ms. Geraldine has a chuchina and Ms. Mei LIng and Ponyo and Mackenzie and my sister and Lisa has a chuchina too.

This is my first year teaching preschoolers and I absolutely love it for so many different reasons. The funny conversations we have are just one of the many reasons I can’t wait to get back there tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Conversations to make you smile

    • I am hoping to give junior grades a go again soon and I am certain I will appreciate their dialogues too!

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