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My now, 92 year-old grandmother, better known as Nanny.

The hardest part of living in Hong Kong is that I can’t see her as often as I would like.


A Nanny is shoulder to lean on, a supportive voice on the other end of the line.

She is vault to keep your secrets, one without a key.

A Nanny is not a judgmental whisper in your ear, nor is she a pointing finger showing the way.

A Nanny is three kisses on a soft wrinkly face.

She is  an “I love you the most I said it first” every day.

A Nanny is not a visit on a special occasion, or a birthday card in the mail.

A Nanny is a phone call everyday from opposite ends of the World.

She is a tight hand squeezing on a very sad or happy day.

A Nanny is not just a grandmother, she is a best friend.

5 thoughts on “Nanny

  1. Very touching. I am glad to have met her and have tea with her as well. Such a sweet lady.

    I can tell you took the time to choose your words precisely. You’ve thought a lot about this.

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