You think smiles must be shining bright?

The creases always pulling tight?

Every day, all through the week?


You think that there’s not a positive star?

An inspiring brother and encouraging friend, near and far?

Hiding inside, waiting to shine?


You think that intellect is overconfidence and conceit?

That you must share every single feat?

Shouting to the World “Look I am here!”


You think that there’s not a genius creating?

A vast imagination that is contemplating?

Looking for the right opportunity to share?


You think that determination is success?

Without ever trying to readdress?

Doing it right on the first attempt?


You think there’s not a working plan?

A love-filled, trying man?

Reflecting on the things he’s done?


I am tired of the misunderstanding,

Truly I tell you his smiles are just hiding.

He has your back, friend or foe.

Just ask, he will let you know.

He is determined to make his mark,

Just give him time to light his spark.

2 thoughts on “Understanding

  1. I love the conclusion to your poem. It’s so fitting! Like a conclusion to the inquiry.

    Btw, i spent the last hour reading and commenting on all your poems, and realized that I never clicked “Post Comment” on ANY of them! :O

    I’ll try and remember what I typed.

    • Aww thanks Jason! I really appreciate you reading and commenting, I also appreciate you re-typing the lost comments!!!

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