First Day of Work

The first day back to work has come.

I am wide awake before my alarm.

I am showered, dressed and fussed.

I am full of oatmeal and my lunch is packed.

I  have my book, my bag and my smile.

I head to the bus stop impressed with my time.

I sit on the bus and realize as my bare cheeks hit the seat,

I have forgotten my underpants!

The Lonely Soldier

A soldier standing tall

a sole survivor

of the fortnightly massacre


why was he chosen to remain

on the smooth battlefield.

Empty handed

unable to fight

he stands tall

on guard

shaking with fear


always waiting

for the next attack.

Like  clockwork

it comes

six thirty three

the lonely soldier


hoping to be spared.

Water begins to stream

over his length

he sees the glimmer of the weapon drawing near

removing the beginninings

of his reincarnated friends

choked with foam

the soldier holds his breath.

With one perfect swipe

he is gone

the enemy polishes the front line

perfectly manicured




no whiskers remain.


The worlds is filled with beauty. Every corner is unique. I want to experience it all!

Trees of different species surround me

Birds of different sizes serenade me

Water of different forms enchant me

Mountains of different sizes inspire me

Paths of different directions intrigue me

Buildings of different centuries educate me

People of different places humble me

Skies of different colours mesmerize me

I wrote this on a rickety dock, on a tiny island called Mabul, in wonderful Malaysia


Love is not a piece of paper.

It isn’t a party to say “I do!”

Love is the feeling when he walks in the room,

It is the hand resting on my knee.

Love is not a day to show and tell,

It is definitely not dressed in white!

Love is a kiss goodnight,

It is a tight cuddle in the morning light.

Love is not a box to check off on life’s long list,

It is certainly not improved with a walk down the aisle.

Love is my heart, my words, my actions.

Love is my life with you!