Sri Lankan Warnings

It’s dangerous!

Are you sure?

They are violent!

Why not elsewhere?

Be careful

What are you thinking?


 What are you thinking?

Making assumptions,

Not learning for yourself.

Trusting media’s constant lies!

Their one-sided

Uninformed trash.

Have you been there?

Have you been greeted on every corner

with a toothless grin?

Have you tasted the spicy delights?

Dipped a  chappati , a roti or even a paan into

the endless pots of swimming flavours?

How dare you paint a picture of a culture

from the glimpse of your television

or a snipbit of the newspaper.


Do you know what is dangerous?

Education by newsflash.

Don’t you ever warn others

of a place you have never been.

Open your heart

Open your mind

There is a whole world to explore

Stop judging others

and look at yourself!

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