A Drunken Comparison

I like to think that Andrew and I are fairly responsible.

We go to bed at a reasonable hour and get up in time for work each day.

We exercise frequently and eat balanced meals.

We keep our brains active through reading and writing.

We buy things we need and not always what we want.

We recycle and compost our waste.

We  are responsible.

We are not perfect.

Every now and then we go out for drinks with friends and agree upon our drink allowance for the night.

Usually we stick to it, but when we don’t our responsible selves slip far, far away.

Last night was one of those nights for Andrew. This morning I helped him re-live his blurred memories from the evening. It was an entertaining night for me as I used my death grip to prevent him for running down the street like superman.

Today we have been having fun comparing how behave when we are drunk.

Shannon becomes extraordinarily happy,

while Andrew becomes interested in pestering strangers in passing.

Shannon likes to find places under stools and tables to close her eyes for a quick nap,

while Andrew enjoys running at top speed ducking in and around people and objects.

Shannon’s voice increases 200 octaves in all conversations,

while Andrew’s voice amplifies to 200 decibels when shouting at ‘new friends’ on the street.

Shannon forgets where she lives,

while Andrew remembers every detail of Shannon’s embarrassing stories to share.

Shannon prefers to remove all of her clothes at any point in time,

while Andrew goes to bed fully clothed, including shoes.

Shannon thinks swimming is always a good idea,

while Andrew would prefer picking up garbage bags on the street to throw at others.

Shannon likes to share her life story with old men,

while Andrew likes to yell, “YOOOOUUUUUUUUUU!” at groups of people on the sidewalk.

Shannon likes to sleep in the bathtub,

while Andrew likes the tiled floor.

Despite our differences in drunken behaviours, our hangover behaviours are exactly the same.

We both fill the day with naps, greasy food and  gallons of coconut water.

I am glad that these not quite so responsible selves don’t come out to play very often.

3 thoughts on “A Drunken Comparison

    • Thanks Jennifer, but you really haven’t seen me this way. Shanghai was strictly responsible shaggers, haha. It wasn’t until Hong Kong that irresponsible Shaggers came back to play. 😀

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