Me, My Time

Constantly worried about the thoughts of others,

Underestimating my talents and abilities,

Questioning my beliefs and passions,

Uncertain of who I was and who I would become,

Looking to others for answers,


I found something to ground me.

I located a place to be myself.

I established pride in who I was and who I might become.

I developed confidence in my life choices.

I created balance in my emotions and surroundings.

I breathed my way through anxieties.

I calmed my mind and my heart.

I discovered yoga.

I uncovered me.

I love me.



5 thoughts on “Me, My Time

  1. Love your writing. Love the way you describe how yoga helps grounded you. Great title. Enjoyed how the first stanza was about all of the things that challenge you. Then the second stanza is all about you, and you start each line with “I.” I need to get back into yoga. So good for the body and mind.

  2. I have taken yoga classes and had a practice of sorts for many years, but I have never dived in or discovered what you described. When I was younger, and weighed less, I had that relationship with running. I both envy and admire your sanctuary. You remind me to keep up the search for a place to be a peace with myself. Thank you.

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