Choose Your Own Adventure (bus driver edition)

Every morning,

I wake,

I shower,

I eat,

I brush.

I descend 51 floors,


my ears pop.

“Joe san”

“Joe san”

“Joe san”

I greet the guards as I pass.

I descend two more floors.

I step out in the bustling road,

the cool wind blows me along.

I enter the dark bus terminal

I stand,

I wait.

I read

pages turn,

my eyes move quickly.

I smile.


I swipe my card.

I step on the bus.

Bus driver 1:

A grin filling his face,

aged from daily smiles

greeting every passenger

with a never ending stream of

Joe San, Joe San, Joe san, joe san, joe san

He chatters to the regular passengers,

in Cantonese,

I listen

imagining the topics of conversations.

The bus fills with laughter,

This makes me ready for a

good day.

Bus driver #2

A stern face,

a silent nod,

passengers bustle on,

the engine turns,

the music blares.

A Chinese Western tune fills the air,

feet tap along,

I chuckle.

This makes me ready for a

good day.

Bus Driver #3

A cap turned backwards,

a hurried ‘joe san’,

a dash to the toilet

or a quick wash of the bus.

a race out of the terminal,

accelerated turns,

harsh breaking for new passengers.

An illegal stop

directly in front of my school,

just for me.

This makes me ready for

a good day.


6 thoughts on “Choose Your Own Adventure (bus driver edition)

  1. The simplicity, the beauty of your carefully chosen words. I felt like I was jumping on and off each bus with you. Love the come-back line, “This makes me ready for a good day.” Awesome perspective :).

  2. You made me remember bus #220 that I took from my apartment to the university when I lived in Taipei. I loved making stories of the people I saw on the bus. Maybe a post later….

  3. I love your short lines, it conveys the pace of your daily commute. Having experienced part of it with you, it makes it easier for me to imagine. I love the way you described the bus drivers’ personalities; you used very few words, yet I feel like I know them!

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