Parent Conferences

What is it about parent conferences that make me feel nervous and uneasy?

I find myself waking up in the middle of the night panicking.

I spend my lunch hour reviewing my anecdotal notes for the children that I will be discussing that evening.

As the first parent enters, my stomach twists and turns. 

I stumble over my first few phrases,

and before I know it,

the parents are thanking me for my time.

It is over. 

If only I could record the last few minutes of every parent conference

and listen to the kind words parents share.

I would forward those comments to the parents that are impossible to please.

I would play those recordings on the days that I question myself as an effective teacher,

or at least to play them back to me just before the next round of parent conferences,

to remind myself that they are not quite as awful as I expect them to be. 

One thought on “Parent Conferences

  1. I think all good teachers get nervous for parent conferences. You want to do your best, so you worry. Sounds like after the initial stumble, you did a great job!

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