Pride and Beard Predjudice

Andrew’s beard and I have an interesting relationship.

Andrew loves his beard.

He loves it short, he loves it long, he especially loves it shaved into funny shapes.

photo 2

I, on the other hand, don’t love it.

I love his face smooth, I love it soft,  I especially love it bare as a baby’s bottom.

photo 1

Although I don’t love his beard just yet, I am trying.

Recently I have made a break through.

I no longer hate his beard.

I have decided to accept that it is apart of his face 85% of the year.

I think my dislike has grown to acceptance thanks to Joshua Jackson.

We have started to watch the series Fringe and well, Peter Bishop has a beard.

I like his beard. I like it short and I especially like it neatly trimmed.

Thanks to Joshua Jackson, I don’t mind Andrew’s beard,

Now if only he could keep it short and trimmed

and if it isn’t too much to ask have a permanent furrow in his brow

Peter Bishop


Almost there?

9 thoughts on “Pride and Beard Predjudice

  1. Beards are an acquired taste – my husband had an unfortunate one in college, which he lost in Law School – one of the great things to come out of that experience, I feel!

  2. Funny story. My boyfriend wears a beard and, well, I’ve gotten used to it. But it was particularly scruffy back when he was trying to not shave for November. Also when he gets food in it. Ah, well, you love the man, you love his beard. I also love your blog’s theme!

    • Yea, the man behind the beard is wonderful so I can deal with the beard pretty easily.

      Thanks for reading 😀

  3. Beards and mustaches–are they hip? Is that why you have come to an understanding, a truce with your friend’s beard? Why does it demand such consideration? My dad has an Abraham Lincoln beard which he shaved off a couple weeks before my sister’s wedding. She was so upset–because in all of her wedding pictures is a dad she never knew before. He has since grown it back so we only have the wedding pictures to remember what his chin looks like naked. haha

    • Ha! It isn’t that they are hip, it is just that Joshua Jackson is one sexy man with or without a beard 😉

      I spent over 20 years of my life convincing my Dad to shave off his moustache and one day he actually did. You are right. It was such a shock seeing that bare upper lip but I still think he made the right choice. DOWN WITH THE FACIAL HAIR ! haha

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