The best part of my morning

Sleepy eyes begging to close

warm blankets and arms

wrapped close

hoping to stay forever

or at least an hour longer.

That slow roll

as if a bear

waking from a winter’s nap

one foot

in front of the other

plodding to the kitchen

robbing Jeezy

of his shower’s spray

to fill the kettle.

Oatmeal rains

into the bowl

dusted with cinnamon

covered with the work

of a thousand bees.

A smooch goodbye

as the door closes

clothes thrown on

without thought

or concern.

Stepping into

one of three pairs

of the exact same

black shoe.

An endless wait

as the elevator arrives

fingers crossed

for a quick descent

without a stop.

Cheerful greetings

Jo San!


What are you reading today?


Jo san!

A short wait under the mall

for the bus to pull in.




as the octopus cards are scanned.

Familiar faces

exchanges of nods

and smiles from ear to ear.

The endless circles begin

testing our balance

with a few stops

along the way

“Yao lok mm guy”

I descend from the bus

eyes somewhat wider

I sip my tea

as I prepare for the day.

Alasdair enters the doorway

with his bag still on his back

out of breath

from his sprint

to the classroom

looking for me


he shouts

each and every


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