Not enough

Not enough memories created

Not enough books read

Not enough smiles exchanged

Not enough moments cherished

Not enough words written

Not enough kindness shared

Not enough risks taken

Not enough movements made

Not enough experiences gained

Not enough knowledge acquired

Not enough fears over come

Not enough time in peace

Not enough!

4 thoughts on “Not enough

  1. I really like reading these two poems back-to-back. It’s interesting how we are more likely to have material things on our Too Many list (I was thinking of mine as I read yours). We’re lucky! I especially like “not enough time in peace.” Well, I don’t like that there is not enough time in peace, I just like your words and what they made me think about. I think I’d really like to look at a few days in a row in my life and then think about my lists. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Enough
    with these books I’ve read;
    these stories I’ve written;
    this kindness, shared;
    these smiles, exchanged;
    I’ve reached the point now
    of realizing how sharing what I’ve gathered
    is so much better
    than hoarding it all for myself
    in the silence of my mind,
    where dusty shelves and forgotten tomes don’t do justice
    to the world we inhabit.

    PS — I’m lifting lines to write poems. I was seeking to create a sort of counterweight to your lines in honor of your poem.

    • Kevin! I saw some of your other lifted poems today and I just love this idea. I am honoured that you used my words to make a poem. I love this. Thank you!

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