Childhood Memories


My fondest childhood memories were all created in the same place, Haliburton Lake.

Every summer, we filled the Astro van with cereals, old clothes, canned goods and swimwear. Along the way we stopped at Dave’s Chip Truck to fill our bellies with the greasy goodness of hand-cut fries drenched in malt vinegar.  If we were really lucky, we might have washed our fries down with Kawartha Dairy’s finest banana ice cream.

As the sun began to hide in the depths of the dense forest trees, the roads began to curve. The windier the road, the closer we were to the cottage. The final turn down Hipkiss Drive led us to the bumpiest part of the journey. The one kilometre that seemed to never end. Bend after bend, bump after bump, we traveled down the gravel path until we reached the finish line, nailed to the tree: TAGGART.

The cottage door always opened at the exact moment we descended the big hill. Grandma and Grandpa stepped onto the porch and welcomed us with open arms, under the starlit sky. As the car rolled to a stop, we stepped out into the Haliburton air, taking a deep breath, letting our troubles from the year melt away. Hugs and kisses greeted us, and the unpacking began. The sooner we finished, the sooner the Euchre game commenced.

With jujubes, peanuts and popcorn on the table, the bargaining for partners was initiated. Laughter and banter floated around the cottage. As the hours ticked by, the cards were passed round and round the table. With our eyes drooping and the bowls empty, save a few crumbs, the last hand was dealt. The evening ended with a little more good-natured ribbing before goodnights were exchanged. We all headed to bed, washing our faces and brushing our teeth with lake water that trickled from the tap. We crawled under the crisp covers, our wiggling toes finding grains of sand from summers past. We quickly drifted off to sleep, dreaming of the summer days to come- splashing, swimming and skiing in the crystal clear water.

My fondest childhood memories were all created in the same place, Haliburton Lake.



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