Sleepless nights?


The relationship between me and sleep

is like

a door and it’s ability to close.

I sleep well,


I sleep on a plane

or on a train.

I sleep in bed

or on the concrete floor.

I sleep when I am stressed

or relaxed.

I sleep through alarm clocks

and security calls.

I sleep through

fire alarms

and telephones.

I sleep through it all.

Sleep comes to me,

as swimming does to a fish.

I sleep well, always.

9 thoughts on “Sleepless nights?

  1. I totally identify with the stress or relaxed sleep. I remember the days when I had a huge exam or project due, and yet I realized, what’s the point of worrying about it? There’s nothing I can do to change it now. I still need the sleep either way. Let me get my sleep and worry about it tomorrow.

    • My secret, I have pracitced clearning my mind for years. Breathing, focusing on every breath and when my mind drifts to a thought… I acknowledge it and push it away imagining a white screen, fresh for the new day! It takes practice, I don’t need to practice anymore though!

  2. Lucky you! My sleep is never long, sleep a bit, then awake for a bit, then sleep, and the cycle continues. I so wish I could sleep on a plane.

    • I absolutely love Dr. Seuss, in fact my first email address was onefishtwofishredfishbluefish@ but I wasn’t even thinking of Dr. Seuss as I wrote this. It definitely is Dr. Seussesque though, you are right!

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