Collaborative MadLibs

There once was a young writer named Neko. She had been given the task of becoming a flimsy individual by writing every day. She could shove on anything as long as she did it every second. This worked out for the first couple worms but she soon ran out of ideas. Her armpits hurt! Luckily, she was the girlfriend of Brad Pitt, the most handsome and unreliable circus in all the land! Together they created a sailboat for her pool, and it was the giant piece of writing in the seventeenth century. She rewarded him begrudgingly by giving him a smooch on the snaggletooth .  Holy moly, he cried!

And they screamed happily ever after.

Shannon & Brad Pitt

6 thoughts on “Collaborative MadLibs

  1. MadLibs never get old!! So much fun!! I need to pull these out again as we review parts of speech. Thanks for sharing and reminding us never to forget the power of MadLibs!

  2. Yes! Well done! I’ve used them with 8th grade students. I borrowed the idea from a book by Michael Smith called Grammar: Getting it Right. The activity is centered around kids expanding a very plain menu. For instance, you might say, use three prepositional phrases to build a description for the Apps, or use three adverbs, etc. The kids, I find, love creating descriptions of gross food, but it makes them use the grammar and know they are using it.

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