With music blaring

feet stomping

fists pumping

Meredith sings along.

With feet sneaking

knees crawling

hands creeping

Shannon tip-toes in

Nothing was easier than giving Merbear a fright! A simple tap on the shoulder, a bang on the shower door or even a whispered hello sent her screaming. Scaring Meredith became a pastime among housemates. Until one evening, it came to a halting end.

The night of frights began well. I startled her as she danced to Kanye’s Workout Plan in the shower. I made her jump as I leapt out of the closet of her room. Success after success inspired me to take it up a notch. I pushed the frozen goods to the side of the deep freeze and crawled in, waiting for Meredith to pass by. As the lid flew open, I popped out like a jack-in the box! And Meredith? She ran circles round the house.

As the night carried on, Meredith went down the stairs, past the washer and dryer and into her room to get dressed for the evening out. I followed at a distance and planned my last scare of the night.

I slowly opened the dryer door. Foot by foot, knee by knee I carefully crawled inside, awaiting my victim.  As Meredith came out in her Friday night best, she heard a “pssssssst!” from the left. As her glance drifted toward the sound, she screamed! She screamed louder than ever before. And me? I laughed until I cried.

Her scream attracted just about every partier in the house. Before I knew it there were about ten people on the stairs laughing at me in the dryer and Meredith on the floor.

The laughter slowly subsided and Meredith regained her composure. The joke was over and it was time to leave my hiding spot. I moved one leg toward the opening, without success.  I tried the other, but I couldn’t quite get it out. I attempted going head first, no luck.

I was stuck, really truly stuck!

Laughter hit me first, along with the stairwell full of spectators.  Panic soon followed. My knees were beginning to ache from the metal dryer drum, my arms were tired of holding myself up and my neck was strained from crouching down. I needed to get out. I tried escaping at every angle possible but I just couldn’t manage to find a way out.

As the first tear fell, the men on the stairs excused themselves to hide their chuckles. The girls joined in my panic and suggested a number of possible movements to help.

“We need to call 911!” cried Christy. “There is only one way out! We need the jaws of life!” she yelled as she ran up the stairs to get her phone.

Meanwhile, John Wood came calmly down the stairs, laughing to himself at the sight of me stuck in the dryer. He reached into the dryer and turned the drum around with ease and I slipped out upside down.

I was saved.

The tears immediately stopped and the laughter returned to me and the others for the rest of the night. I think Karma got the best of me that night and I never scared Meredith again.

9 thoughts on “Stuck!

  1. By far one of the most entertaining posts I have ever read. I laughed out loud and knew this was something that I would totally do, and would totally lose to karma over. I think I should be glad I have not fit into a dryer since I was about five years old! Haha!! Your pace and set up was perfect for the twist that came mid-story. Glad you are safe, even if a bit scarred. 🙂

  2. Too too funny< I remember the panic setting in! That really was quite scary! I thought I was the one who finally helped you out in the end, but then again that was a long time ago, really just glad we didn't have to make the call for the jaws of life!!!!

  3. I’ve really enjoyed reading all of your entries this month. This one definitely brings me back to much crazier times! I didn’t realize that scaring Mer-Bear was a regular challenge for you. I’m giggling because I think I just might know the recent inspiration for this piece of writing. 😉

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