Dear Shoes

Dear Shoes,

I know that I can’t live without you, but lately I have been struggling to live with you.

You always said you would be there for me.

You said you would protect my feet in the rain, the wind, the snow and heat.

You were adamant that without you, my feet would be filthy, shredded and very sore.

Why then do you leave me each day with aches and pains and blisters on different toes?

Why do you create calluses and sores on the pads of my feet?

Why do you cause daggers to dig deep in my knees?

I am sorry to say shoes, but I hate you!

Yes, I hate you nike running shoes, and Birkenstock sandals.

I despise you Merrell boots and the four pairs of  Santa Barbara black flats.

I can’t stand to look at you flimsy flip flops.

I am sorry to say, that even you, my many fake Toms hiding in the shoe cupboard, I can’t stand a single pair!

Why can’t you cushion my toes and pad my heels?

Why can’t you support my ankle and align my knees?

I am sick and tired of fiddling with bandaids.

You won’t make me swallow another ibuprofen.

No, I won’t endure another step.

I am leaving you.

Each and every pair.

Shoes, my feet are on strike!

They will take the risk of cuts and scrapes.

They will try to avoid the puddles and stones.

They are heading out in this big world alone.

Goodbye shoes!

With disgust,

Shaggerpicchu’s Feet

8 thoughts on “Dear Shoes

  1. Shoes and I always have to go through an adjustment period. Eventually I win, but it is rarely pain free. Have you tried Ecco shoes? Pricey but mostly comfortable. I cannot go without shoes, my feet are too tender, but I do love my moccasin slippers.

  2. I long ago opted for comfort…mostly Birkenstocks…and now since I have developed a stupid bunion…grrr….I find that Birks are the only kind that make it tolerable until I decide to have surgery. I hope your feet will be happy without being imprisoned in the shoes. I imagine your toes will enjoy the feel of the grass. Jackie

  3. I’m with you. I through off fashion a long time ago for comfort. I now wear my hiking shoes with everything. At home, I am barefoot, regardless of season.

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