The Musical Life of Jeezy and Shags



Jeezy and I often find ourselves singing on a daily basis. Him, mostly on key. Me, completely off key, rhythm and beat. We don’t usually sing along to songs, instead we create our own renditions, much better than the original of course.

Here are just few of the musical treats you might hear in our home.


“It Wasn’t Me” by Shaggy (listen here)

Our version might go like this:

Jeezy: “You left the cheese on the counter”

Shags: “It wasn’t me”

Jeezy: “Shag,  I caught you red-handed leaving the fridge door open.”

Shags “It wasn’t me.”


“Oooby Dooby” by Creedence Clearwater Revival  (listen here)

Jeezy introduced this song to our home and somehow we began including “Ooby Dooby” into our vocabulary to express our excitement.

Shags: Hey Jeezy, I bought some ice cream!

Jeezy: Ooby Dooby!

and it has slowly transformed from ooby dooby to just ooby or even oobs!

Jeezy: Shags I found a great book at the library.

Shags: Oobs!


“Where are all the Shopping Bags” By Jeezy Greene to the tune of Pete Seegers’, Where have all the Flowers Gone (listen here)

I have been known to lose things, never anything of extreme value but the little things add up. Jeezy usually deals with my disorganized self quite well. However, he is fairly protective of our reusable shopping bags. I often use them to transport things to school and rarely return them in a timely manner. In frustration Jeezy wrote a song that he likes to sing when he can’t find the bag he is searching for…

Here is an excerpt:

Where are all the shopping bags,

I think we better go and ask Shags.

They’ve been gone for so long,

It’s kind of why I wrote this song.

Remember that canvas one,

I think it came from Hong Kong,

or how about that black pair,

they were sleek and oh so fair…


“That’s just the way it is”  by Tupac (listen here)

We often just use the line “That’s just the way it is, ah ya!” when we do something that the other person doesn’t particularly like.


Shags puts her cold feet on Jeezy’s legs.

Jeezy: “Get those icebergs off me.”

Shags: “That’s just the way it is, ah ya!”


Monster” by Kanye West  (listen here)

Anytime we hear someone utter the words, “First things first”, we break into rap.

“Ok first things first I’ll eat your brains,

then I’mma start rocking gold teeth and fangs…”

The rest of the rap may not be appropriate to quote here..

You would be surprised how many times we hear “first things first’.


Shaggers is a Miniature Donkey” by Jeezy Greene inspired by… Playing with the Queen of Hearts by Juice Newton (listen here)

We have no idea how or why this song was written but sometime on a holiday in Thailand Jeezy decided that it would be fun to sing over and over again .

“Shaggers is a miniature donkey,

Shaggers is a minaiture donkey,

Shaggers is a miniaturrrrrrreeeeee donkey

Oh Shaggers is a miniature donkey”

This is probably the worst song ever written.


Another Jeezy original..

You Never Yearn your Yesson” by Jeezy Greene to the tune of “They call me Mellow Yellow”

This song is likely sung every night shortly after my computer beeps to warn me that it’s battery is dying. Of course I always ignore the beep and think to myself, I will plug it in shortly. When the computer dies, I let out a big sigh and Jeezy sings….

“You never yearn your lesson….”

One of the only times I get to sing this song back to Jeezy is when we go out to eat. I always make excellent choices when I order and he always says, “I just need to order what you order.” But… “He never yearns his lesson….”


6 thoughts on “The Musical Life of Jeezy and Shags

  1. haha…I never knew ooby dooby was from a song! I just thought Jeezy or you made it up. I’ve heard a few of these songs…they make me laugh cuz they’re so corny! 🙂 Love you guys!

  2. That sounds so fun! However, my husband does the same and it annoys all of us. He wants to jazz up every song. My daughter told him to stop the other night because he was messing up our night time singing. 🙂 PS: We have the same problem with the reusable shopping bags. I can’t find them when I need them because they are full of his junk!

  3. So many delights in this slice of life. What great fun to have your own versions of songs. I liked how you gave links to all the songs so appreciation for your creative remixes could be fully appreciated. Plus this glimpse tells of a thriving relationship which is always a joy to see. Thanks for sharing this!

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