The Transformation to becoming a writer

Year 1

“Hey Shaggers, I am doing a writing challenge, where I write everyday for a month, you should try it too!”

“Ennif, I can’t write.”

“Of course you can write, why don’t you check out and see what it is all about.”

“Okay. (yea right)”

Shaggers reads Ennif’s slices….Shaggers reads other slices…Shaggers starts a blog… Shaggers writes her first slice.

“I see you wrote a slice today, it was great!”

“Thanks Ennif, it was kind of fun.”

Shaggers writes 6 slices in 2012

Year 2

“Ennif! I am so mad at you, you didn’t tell remind me of the Slice of Life challenge!”

“Sorry Shaggers, I didn’t realize you were planning on writing this year.”

“Of course I planned on it!” (Ennif smiles)

“Well it isn’t too late to start!”

Shaggers writes 10 slices in 2013

Year 3

“Ennif it is almost time for the Slice of Challenge, I am so excited.”

“Me too, what will your first slice be about?”

“I don’t know but I have lots of ideas in my writers notebook, I can’t wait to get started”

Shaggers writes 31 slices in 2014!

From never writing, to writing everyday in just 3 Slice of Life challenges, all thanks and Ennif, of course!

My writing isn’t going to stop in March this year, but continue on through the year.

Well maybe not every day but most days.


5 thoughts on “The Transformation to becoming a writer

  1. You are a writer, and a darn good one! I am so glad that you joined the challenge, and that you wrote everyday this year! Let’s keep it up on Tuesdays…looking forward to reading more of your lovely words. Love you!
    Ennif (lol…wonder when you started calling me this name…I can’t remember!)

  2. Congratulations! That’s awesome that you wrote the whole month. Thanks so much for sharing your writing and enthusiasm, and also for reading and commenting. I’m following you, so I look forward to reading more! (I hope that didn’t sound creepy.)

  3. Loved the way you structured this piece! I think the best goals are those that just exceed our previous efforts! Glad you made it all 31 days this month.

  4. Great conversation. I feel like I need to write more because I learned that I liked searching for a topic each day. I’m planning on meeting back on Tuesdays too. Maybe I will see you. (Love the look of your blog. Very fun!)

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