Camping Complications



As the moon rises in the sky,

illuminating the tiny island on which I sleep.

The stars twinkle all around,

convincing me to abadon the rain cover of my tent.

The kayaks in the distance catch my eye,

inviting me to paddle through the night.

The phosphorescence sparkle in the water,

begging me to dance through their glittery magic.

The fire crackles in the distance,

drawing me in to warm my chilly toes.

The boars grunt in the bushes,

scaring me into the safety of my tent.

The cicadas sing from the trees,

drifting me off to dream land.

The rain drizzles from the clouds,

waking me from my slumber.

The struggle to attach my rain cover in the dark,

reminding me never to sleep without it again. 

5 thoughts on “Camping Complications

    • It was actually the perfect temperature here. It recently warmed up and a sleeping bag wasn’t even needed. Soon it will be far too hot to camp here. I need to get some more tent sleeps in quickly.

  1. It was a spectacular camping trip. 3 days worth of kayaking and yes Elsie, that included a night time paddle but just around the bay. Not too far from shore. I was never one to love tenting before BLKDRAMA but it is growing on me 😀 Thanks for reading!

  2. Sounds like a great camping trip. I love the pattern of the verbs that move the action forward. So did you paddle in the dark? Phosphorus sea life would be so cool to see. Boars would be a bit scary.

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