Fear is not a Factor, or maybe it is….

I am brave, independent and pretty darn tough!

I go for hikes in the jungle-like woods


I am not afraid of the poisonous snakes hiding in my path.

I do not fear the wild boars rustling in the bushes,

I am not scared of the monkeys bearing their teeth.

I walk through that trail,

smile on my face,

sweat dripping down my cheeks,

while my mind solves all of my problems

from the week past.

(rustle, rustle)

Shiver down the spine,

neck quickly turning,

eyes searching,

ears straining,

short screech.

Okay, well, perhaps I am just a little bit afraid,

but it hasn’t stopped me yet.

**A man once told me that a little bit of fear is important, it keeps us on our toes and keep us safe. The same man also said that I reminded him of Punky Brewster, so I wasn’t sure if I should trust him. **


2 thoughts on “Fear is not a Factor, or maybe it is….

  1. Oh yes, that sliver of fear does keep one safe. Keep your eyes and ears alert, and what cool things you will see. Your hikes are so much more interesting than my walks.

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