Rest in Peace Friends

I am sorry friends,

I didn’t recognize your calls for help,

I was not aware of your nightmare

becoming a reality in the comfort of your home.

Your mass exodus should have made me think twice,

your lifeless bodies on my floor should have made me realize.

I tried to change your food,

I moved your home to a warmer place,

but I didn’t realize that there were intruders in your home.

I am sorry that you had to watch your friends and family disappear,

One by one, torn apart by the ruthless monster in your room.

With all of you gone, my days will cease to be the same.

I will miss sharing my dinner with you,

I will miss bathing you each night,

I will miss tossing and turning you,

I will miss sharing you with my children,

I will miss each and every one of you.

I am sorry worms

I failed you.

7 thoughts on “Rest in Peace Friends

  1. Worm abuse is not OK! They just need our understanding. Remember if they are kicking and not sticking, its all groovy!

  2. New science project — Bug Farm! (actually, you could turn this into a computer game: the bugs eat the worms and grow …. like a Tamagochi…)

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