The Power of Silence

I need silence. Everyday.

Not for long.
Not always alone.
Not always crossed legged.
Not just while sleeping.


I need silence.

Any time.
On the floor.
In a chair.
On the subway.
At the table.
On the couch.
In the bath.
On the bus.

I need silence.

Silence my mind.
Silence my body.
Silence my thoughts.
Silence my worries.
Silence my excitements.

I need silence.

You need silence.

Be silent.


The Inspiration for this Piece



4 thoughts on “The Power of Silence

  1. Oh, I soooo get this! I was thinking about silence all the way home the other night as my nine and five year old each sang different songs (made up nonsense of their own variety) simultaneously all the way home! “Silence, silence, silence, silence”
    happy slicing! amy

  2. Interesting thoughts from the TED talk. I guess that’s why they say “Silence is golden.” I hope you found your bit of silence today. 🙂

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