Bicycle Sightings

I am not fond of the blaring chinese classics attached to your bicycle.

I don’t enjoy the English pop pounding from your pocket.

I can’t stand the dogs dressed in the silliest outfits sitting in your strollers.

I hate your loud screeching voice screaming into the telephone speaker.

I do on the other hand enjoy watching you run backwards with your arms rotating round and round.

I like seeing you struggle with seven dogs running between your feet while you push three more in a stroller.

I love seeing you clap your hands above, below, behind and side to side as you walk down the path.

I can’t get enough of watching you throw yourself at top speed into various tree trunks

But most of all I truly love seeing you get chased by a stranger’s teeny tiny yappy dog in your outrageous exercise outfit as you continue to complete your backwards running paired with ridiculous arm circling while shrieking.

That I will take any day!




8 thoughts on “Bicycle Sightings

  1. Haha! I enjoyed reading this! It was really entertaining. I went for a bike ride yesterday and had a few weird sightings, too. The one that shocked me the most was a guy riding while holding a saw! Didn’t seem like a good idea…

  2. Every summer, Portland, OR has a Naked Bike ride. Last year, As I was driving home from somewhere, I passed it!!! In fact, I was stopped at a roundabout, while all the naked cyclists relaxed in the roundabout. I tried not to look, but couldn’t help myself.

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