Flying Food

As I stroll down the crowded supermarket aisle revisiting my detailed shopping list written in my head.





“AHHHHHHHHHH! Bang, Crash, Bang, Crash!”

A boy comes roaring down the aisle, weaving between customers with two large umbrellas in hand, banging the floor and shelves around him.

I take a deep breath and think ‘I am sure his parents will deal with that momentarily.’ I watch him as he waves his umbrella swords at the shelved tofu victims. My jaw drops and the boxes of tofu begin to fly. I looked around searching for embarrassed parents coming down the aisle. None were in sight. I wheeled my cart right up to the boy and his swords and said firmly, “Pick those up right now!” His eyes shoot to the floor and he freezes. I wait and wait. I try again, slightly louder, “You will pick those up right now!” Still no movement. He may not have understood English but there was no mistaking my tone.

He slowly began moving the tofu on the shelf back into a neater position, still leaving boxes on the floor. I point to the boxes on the floor and say harshly, “And those ones!” With a frown on his face he begins to pick up the containers, slowly, unbelievably slowly. I am sure he figured I wouldn’t wait this long for him to sort out his mess. He soon found out that he was terribly mistaken. I have patience, especially when it comes to waiting for children to make the right choice.

Flight Announcements

“Good evening passengers, this is your captain speaking. We want to take the time to sincerely apologize for the delay but we have been busy stowing your many bags for this direct flight to Kathmandu. Since each of you has brought 5 giant bags each, we have been arranging them into the cargo hold for the past 2 hours. Unfortunately, we could not make every bag fit.

Do not worry, dear customers, your precious remote control helicopters, packaged candies and  copious amounts of make up will make it to their destination. We have safely strapped the additional luggage to the bottom of the plane. You might notice a bumpier ride than usual as the landing gear is unable to be adjusted, thanks to your unnecessary luggage. We do hope that you enjoy your flight. Our flight attendants will be circulating shortly with water bottles, have your cups ready to be filled. Please excuse the lip stick marks around the edges of the bottles, our wonderful flight attendants were quite thirsty after helping you stow your large carry-on luggage. They understand how important it is for you to bring a buffet dinner in your hand bag and they hope you will understand that they were too tired to find a cup to pour water into for themselves. Instead they have been sipping directly out of the water that they are currently serving you. We hope that you have a pleasant journey with us here at Nepal Airlines. If we require any assistance throughout the flight please try not to disturb our flight attendants as they will be resting behind the curtain.”

*An imagined announcement on my flight to Nepal*

Mountains of life

Mountains                                                                                        Life

Ups                                                                                                  ups

Then                                                                                                 then

Downs                                                                                              downs

sometimes changing                                                                        always changing

sometimes ending                                                                            never ending

ups                                                                                                    ups

then                                                                                                   then

downs                                                                                               downs

inescapable                                                                                      inescapable

step                                                                                                  step

by                                                                                                     by

step                                                                                                  step

crumbling                                                                                         learning

being shaped                                                                                   being shaped

by you                                                                                              by you

your footstep                                                                                   those around you

ups                                                                                                  ups

then                                                                                                 then

downs                                                                                             downs

until the end.                                                                                                                                    OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA