A Chocolate Kind of Day

There is something about a bad day that creates an insatiable chocolate craving. Dark, white or milk, it instantly makes my day more bearable.  When I started to pay more attention to the ingredient list on the chocolate bar wrappers, I always felt a bit guilty.

Partially inverted sugar syrup? E746? What are these things? Why am I putting these mysterious ingredients into my body? There had to be an alternative to fulfilling my chocolate cravings.

A few years ago I stumbled across my favourite food blog.

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 7.39.36 PM


When I noticed the word chocolate in the title, I knew instantly it would become a favourite. Chocolate Covered Katie is the most creative food blogger I have found out there in the World Wide Web. Her recipes take a healthier approach to dessert and she makes me feel better about eating so much chocolate.

My go to recipe is her 3 ingredient chocolate bar recipe. It is such a simple and versatile recipe.

I whipped up a batch this evening in less than 5 minutes. I have used it so often that I no longer need to follow the recipe’s measurements, I simply use my own judgment. Sometimes I add a few extra goodies.

Tonight I decided to roast almonds in a pan with a bit of salt and sugar, stirring constantly until the salt and sugar melt into the almonds.


As they cooled, I mixed a few scoops of cocoa powder, a generous amount of maple syrup and a few spoonfuls of melted coconut oil.


I mixed the almonds into the chocolatey mixture and spread it out on a pan covered with parchment paper.

I threw it in the fridge for a couple of minutes and presto, the chocolate is ready to be eaten.


Warning: It won’t last long, so don’t share.

5 thoughts on “A Chocolate Kind of Day

  1. Part of what I love about cooking and baking for myself and my kids is that you always know what’s in it, and you can have what you want WHEN you want it! Your treat looks delicious!

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