Where I’m Calling From

This evening I took the titles of some of the books on my shelf to make a poem about Where I live, Hong Kong. See ig you can make the connections.

Where I’m Calling From 

Fragrant Harbour

The Lowland

The Big Rock Candy Mountain

To the White Sea

In Hot Water

In the Garden of Beasts


Inherent Vice


Book of Longing


In One Person


The Gentlemen of the Road

Men at Arms

Be Cool

The Age of Innocence

Angle of Repose


A Handful of Dust

The Quiet Dust


6 thoughts on “Where I’m Calling From

  1. I enjoyed Hong Kong a lot, but you definitely need money. The harbor was not nearly as fragrant as my husband remembered it to be many years ago. It is a city that has been cleaned up in the past forty years. Clever approach!

  2. what a great idea! you have such an eclectice collection, yet the titles find a thread to link them. I will have to try this. (I also love the little worm bait animation.)

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