Bicycle Etiquette 

Adult training wheels? Did you know those were in existence? There are a lot of surprsies on the bicycle path near our apartment. In fact some days I think, I should sit on a bench and video the sights that pass me by. Typically I avoid biking there on the weekends because it is full of first time cyclists who are unaware of bike path etiquette. Today I was forced to break my rule. Nearly, an hour by public transportation or a quick  bike ride  across the river to a friends house. I chose biking. I prepared myself for the frustrations ahead and set out. To my surprise it was a quiet on this particular Saturday morning. I pedaled along the Tolo Harbour and made excellent time. Unfortunately, I was not so lucky on my return trip. The path had become crowded and many cyclist decided, as they often do, to ride side by side with their friends. This social style of bike riding leaves me no room in my lane and it is not acceptable according to my long list of cycling etiiquette. As five bikes were coming at me, I shouted, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” I often find myself shouting on this path. However, today’s shouting episode was different than usual. I tend to receive no response or a timid “sorry.” This particular afternoon’s retort was slightly more tense. It came in a high-pitched tone with a slight chinese accent and there was nothing timid about it. “I DON’T KNOW, F*@! YOUUUUUUUUU!” Although abstaining from the use of profanity is on my etiquette list, I found myself giggling. It was not the reaction, I had anticipated.

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