Mr. Curiosity

A teacher asked one of my students to leave their room because he was fiddling with the chair he was sitting on and he refused to stop. I asked that student, “why do you think you are always fiddling with things?”  He said, “I am just so curious about the World around me.” And with that response, I won’t ever ask my students to stop fiddling in my class.

A spinning top, a wiggling worm, a jumping jelly bean.

There is this boy who loves to wiggle, he moves about and never freezes

A detective, an explorer, a scientist on the brink of discovery

There is this boy who likes to observe, he touches everything and moves it about

An  inventor, an artist, a construction worker in the midst of creation

There is this boy who loves to chat, he speaks and shouts and refuses to pause

A teacher, a politician, an advocate on ready to convince

There is boy who I like to call Mr. Curiosity.

3 thoughts on “Mr. Curiosity

  1. Such a great perspective to have…when we look at the world through the lens of the Learner Profile, our ideas about what education should be like change. Good on ya Shags!

  2. I love this slice! Its organization is so clever! As the mom of an almost-six-year old boy who is preparing to go to KDG, I am hopeful that this will be his new teacher’s perspective. Your piece spoke to my heart today. Thank you for loving Mr. Curiosity.

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