The World Through My Eyes (updated)


Canada is home, family and friends.

Sri Lanka is a culture mostly untouched.

United States is Spring Break year after year.

Malaysia is climbing mountains and exploring caves.

Italy is endless walking for pizza and gelato.

Indonesia is sleeping in rice paddies.

Andorra is lemmings jumping off cliffs.

Philipines is beautiful children becoming your friend.

Switzerland is chocolate and mesmerizing mountain views.

South Korea is coffee shops and impeccable manners.

France is ordering chocolatines at a boulangerie.

Thailand is pad thai, curry and ladyboys.

Vatican City is just a confusing place.

Laos is zip-lining and tubing down fast moving rivers.

The Bahamas is perfect beaches ruined by terrible resorts.

Peru is hiking up and down mountains to calm your mind.

Vietnam is massages, second families and amazing food.

Macau is dried meat and egg tarts on the street.

Spain is being squished in a car with your family.

Cambodia is temples and the trickiest children.

Cuba is dancing with Mom on the beach.

Nepal is reaching the top of the world.

Hong Kong is kayaking and getting lost in the trails.

Myanmar is filled with challenges and delicious dinners.

China is love and where I found my happiness.


13 thoughts on “The World Through My Eyes (updated)

  1. MaryHelen, I wouldn’t call it blessed. I made the choice to lead a life where I had the opportunity to travel, anyone can make that choice. I don’t think blessings have anything to do with it 😉

  2. We agree with Aggie, this is an awesome mentor text for students (and for us!)
    Great way to reflect.
    Darla & Jen

  3. There should be no complaining about Spain. I rode on the hump in the middle most of the time! Dancing on the beach was fun!

  4. Thank you for letting me travel your words with you here. I had to scroll a few times to get a feel for the whole thing. So many senses hit here. I liked, “Philipines is beautiful children becoming your friend.” but I have family from there so I’m impartial. And, “Switzerland is chocolate and mesmerizing mountain views” sounds heavenly.

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