Why Bother Trekking?


There is something about trekking and climbing mountains that I have always had trouble putting into words.

It is hard to understand what there is to love about walking day in and day out, going up only to go down and going down only to go back up. Time after time. Stopping to do the bare minimum to survive. Eating. Drinking. Resting.

What makes it worth the risk? Because there are plenty of  risks.

Our bodies aren’t used to functioning at 4000 meters above sea level. They aren’t accustomedto walking at least 6 hours a day. They aren’t used to the unsanitary water or the frigid evenings and mornings. They don’t usually expend so much energy for 11 days straight. There is the risk of injury. There is the risk of storms passing through, avalanches, altitude sickness, the list goes on. But yet I continue to return to the challenge. In fact, I crave the challenge.

There is something magical in that moment in your day, when you stop. You finally pause after taking your last step on the trails for that particular day. In that moment, you realize just how far you have pushed yourself. Your mind has just brought you to where you are standing. Your body alone could not have made it.  Your body was aching and struggling throughout the day but through your inner strength you carried your body to the spot you will rest for a few hours before you turn your mind back on to carry you to your next resting spot, until you reach your goal. If you have trained your mind, it will carry you to your destination. You will reach you goal. And best of all, you will learn so much about your body and your mind along the way.


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