A writing confession


I hate punctuation.

I despise perfectly formulated paragraphs. I can’t stand  lines reaching from one side of the page to the other until the subject changes. Finally a space is allowed just before the next paragraph begins.

I want to break those lines up

and set the words


I find comas ugly, one after the other, reminding me to breath, to slow down.

Listen up dot with a tail. I don’t need you!

I can simply move my words to the next line

give them their



Quotations. I don’t mind you embracing my speech.

Just as long as you don’t overstay your welcome.

Here and there

I can handle you.

 Colons and semi colons:

I don’t really know you very well.

When spellcheck suggested that I use you

I always complied.

On paper however

I leave you out.

Exclamation marks and questions marks

I see your purpose

You haven’t  caused me any frustrations over the years.

You make regular appearances in my writing

Some may call you my favourites

Don’t feel too special.

I still hate you too!


14 thoughts on “A writing confession

  1. Punctuation takes a back seat to your voice. You do quite well with your line breaks and the message is always clear. What a fun post! You are a rebel and I love that!

  2. Nice! Some of my students would read this and immediately agree. There are so many rules surrounding punctuation and it’s hard to learn them all.

  3. That’s a pretty passionate stance on punctuation. You left out my favorites…the ellipsis and the interrobang?!?! How do you feel about those? LOVED this!!!! (How about overuse of exclamation marks!!!!)

    • Interrobang…what? I haven’t heard of this type of punctuation. A cross between the exclamation mark and question mark. I think I can handle that one.

  4. Such a great piece! I’m convinced that I missed the punctuation class during my elementary school days and can especially relate to the semicolon/colon confusion. My solution is to use a lot of dashes or hyphens–I think I like your more creative solutions better. Your poem has such voice and humor. Thanks for starting my day with a laugh!

  5. I giggled as I read your piece. I have had too many of those moments when I curse punctuation marks because of the rules that follow them. What a fun piece to share with children who share your frustration. Love it!

    • Thanks Elizabeth! I am a rule breaker at heart so I guess it comes through in my writing too. My favourite authors do the same 😉

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