Sneaky Snakes


I once bought a snake

I thought i’d keep him in the yard

I bought a chain and lock

and locked him up

to the big oak tree

In the afternoon I found that reptile

coiled up next to me

on the sofa

watching the soapbox.

Everyday I bought one more chain

and one more lock

but every afternoon

that snake of mine curled itself on the sofa

right next to me.

This afternoon

I went through my yard to gather the mail

piled high.

The little vermin followed me

I gave up the fight

He offered to carry half on his back

and I lugged the remainder under my arm.

On the way back to the living room

he stopped

he looked around the yard

strewn with chains and locks

He set down the mail.

He wrapped himself around my leg

and tugged

ever so gently

With his eyes

he asked me to follow

I did

He lead me to the big oak tree

I sat down

feeling guilty

of the chains and the locks

He did not deserve this

Before I could say a word

I found myself

reading the mail

locked and chained

to the big oak tree

as the serpent

slithered to the sofa.

I listened to my soaps in the distance

As the sun set

there I sat

in the dewy grass

and there he sat

in the cozy couch.


6 thoughts on “Sneaky Snakes

    • haha, sorry Elsie. My fear of snakes has dwindled since living here. It isn’t uncommon to find these slithering creatures inside our school! I have been forced to get used to the idea of them here and there.

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