The Top 5 Ways to Avoid giving your seat to the pregnant lady on the train


As soon as you spot the sight of a little belly, follow one of these five options to ensure the safe keeping of your seat.

1) Immediately close your eyes as tightly as possible. Listen to the announcements and only open your eyes when your stop is announced, not a stop sooner. Avoid the desire to peek through one eye to see if she is still on the same car. You can always guarantee that her death stare will directed towards you and you will be caught.

2) Suddenly recall that you had the sniffles this morning and you need to immediately log onto WebMD to ensure that your symptom is not related to that Chikungunya disease that you have been hearing about lately. There will be no time to look up from your phone, let alone stand up for the pregnant lady staring you down.

3) Pull out whatever paperwork you have in your bag. Newspaper, magazine, school work,toilet paper, whatever you find will do the trick. Promptly test out what life would be like with very poor eyesight. Bring that reading material it as close to your eyes as possible to ensure that you will not make eye contact with the pregnant lady’s darting eyes.

2) Quickly check the temperature of your 8 year old son with your hand and realise that he might be too cold or maybe too hot. Frantically look through your bag for a wet cloth to wipe his face and neck. Alternatively, struggle to find a sweater to wrap him in. It is imperative that you look worried and that you take as much time as possible rummaging through your bag. This provides an excellent distraction from your eyes meeting the belly of the pregnant woman standing twenty centimetres in front of you.

1) Stare at the tired pregnant lady holding on tightly to the handrail, keeping firm eye contact. This eye contact will explain to her that you have accepted the fact that you are an insensitive human being.


Since my pregnant belly has decided to reveal itself to the world, I have been pleasantly surprised by the amount of people that offer me their seat on the train. Early on in my pregnancy, I didn’t feel like I always needed the seat. Now that the weeks are dwindling down, I really appreciate the break from the balancing act. There are always a few that choose to keep their seats for themselves though.

14 thoughts on “The Top 5 Ways to Avoid giving your seat to the pregnant lady on the train

  1. OMG…I started giggling just reading the title! I remember our chats about this very thing last time I visited. So sorry there have been more jerks not offering their seat to you. In the words of Stephanie Tanner…”How RUDE!” Love you Shags!!

  2. This was told in a great way, with slightly (or not so slightly) veiled sarcasm. I’m glad there are good people out there giving up their seats to offer you a rest. Keep that death stare strong! Best of luck to you!

  3. I have been there! I once (at around 35 weeks pregnant, feeling like 135 weeks) had a perfectly able-bodied twenty something guy not only dart in front of me when the doors opened, but cross over in front of me to grab the one empty seat, one that was much closer to where I’d been standing. He then proceeded to get off at the next stop. And yes, I stood as close as I could with him with my belly in his face for good measure.

  4. I don’t get the “I-was-here-first-this-seat-is-mine” attitude. I much preferred this to the snakes yesterday. Congrats on having a babe on the way!

  5. I don’t ride the bus or commuter train that often, but when I do I see this sort of behavior somewhat frequently. I also see another one: keep your headphones in and act as though you are really into the music.

  6. Sadly, that made me laugh. Your sense of humor shone through with your sad, but true ‘ideas.’ You should print this and put it on the train! Take care of yourself – thanks for a great post!

    • Great idea Lisa! I live in Hong Kong so maybe I could have them translated into Chinese and printed out on little cards. Then I could place the appropriate card on their lap. They are lucky I am full of happy pregnant hormones and not angry ones!
      Thanks for reading.

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