I love fires.

One small spark

embers expanding to flames

crickle crackling

the kindling twigs

disintegrating into ash

as the flames catch the logs

resting criss crossed

one atop the other

I love the smoke


from one direction

white rabbit

white rabbit

to the other

moving your chair

around the fire

to catch the heat

radiating from the coals

I love finding the perfect stick

the one with the pointed end

able to move the shrinking the sticks

into the perfect position



the forest floor

for dry logs

not the 5 minute kind

or the all nighter log

but the hour long

leave on the coal

drink a beer

kind of log

I love as the pile dwindles

conveniently yawns become more consistent

bed time calls your name.

The flames fade

the embers change

from to red

to orange

to black

I hate leaving the fire


with the glowing heat

resonating on my clothes

I drift

dreams billowing

through the night

7 thoughts on “Campfires

  1. Your precise and descriptive wording show your love for fires. Reading this made me excited for summers by the lake.

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