The Thieving Gorilla

I have discovered that pregnancy causes some pretty unexpected changes in your body. Some are easier than others to adjust to than others.

One of my favourite changes has been in the vividness of my dreams. I remember my dreams much more clearly. Often I even get to practice what motherhood will be like in my sleeping state. I think that at the beginning of pregnancy I was feeling the usual anxieties of a new stage in life and those anxieties came through clearly in my dreams. I was always losing the baby in strange places or on wild adventures.

One of my favourite dreams was of a thieving gorilla.

It all started as I was holding my teeny, tiny, little baby in my arms enjoying the forest air at my cottage. The rough stones beneath my feet were leading me down the path to the warm beach beckoning us down to dip our toes in the cool water. I held my little one tight in her blanket, staring into her beautiful eyes. 

Half way down the trail, a hairy dark gorilla leaped from the trees and snatched my baby from my arms. Quickly retreating back up the tall tree rocking my baby in it’s arms.

As the mood of the dream morphed, so did the weather. The thunder pounded above us and the rain started to pour down all around us. Frantically I screamed, rousing my  family and neighbors to come and help retrieve the baby from the Gorilla high above. We tried calm voices, banana bribery and even some unsuccessful prodding with a long stick. Nothing seemed to work.

After a few too many pokes, the Gorilla swung from the canopies of the trees with the baby tucked under its arm. Off it went deep into the forest. We jumped into a truck and gave chase. The rain battered the windshield and the gravel road below. The truck sputtered to a stop and refused to continue our Gorilla chase. I am not sure where we planned on going but we were adamant that if only we could get another truck we could catch that thief and save my baby.

Unfortunately I woke up before I could have her safely in my arms again.

After my heart stopped racing, I began to laugh wondering why I would be dreaming of a Gorilla in Canada stealing a baby from my arms.

As her arrival draws near, I must be feeling more at ease about being a mom because I haven’t lost in her in my dreams in a while.



4 thoughts on “The Thieving Gorilla

  1. Vivid dreams make you feel like they really happened! Glad this one didn’t…that’d be scary (and silly). You’re going to be a great mom…I just know it!

  2. “We tried calm voices, banana bribery and even some unsuccessful prodding with a long stick.”

    LOL. Love this sentence!

    I had some weird dreams too! Most of mine were of the baby’s arms and legs sticking WAAAY too far out of my belly when it kicked. Freak show stuff!

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