I will miss…

As my pregnant days wind down, I have been thinking a lot about how amazing this whole process has been. Years back I was horrified at the idea of pregnancy but here I am 9 months in and I have survived. I haven’t just survived actually, I have enjoyed most of it. There have been ups and downs but I think I will miss quite a few things of being pregnant.

I will miss the flutters of your first movements.

I will miss watching your stretches and kicks poke through my tummy as they continue to grow stronger.

I will miss the feeling of excitement and anticipation of your arrival .

I will miss the infinite questions that my caring class ask each and every day about you.

I will miss my students suggestions for your name.

I will miss watching my belly stretch as you grow.

I will miss the younger children in the school pretending to be pregnant like me as they play through the day.

I will miss my dreams about you.

I will miss waiting and wondering what you will be like.


Although the only thing better than feeling you grow inside of me is watching you grow in my arms!



7 thoughts on “I will miss…

  1. I’ve been nostalgic for those baby days lately and your post hit home. Even though my pregnancies had some major challenges, I loved being pregnant. I often wish I’d been writing during my pregnancies and children’s early days. I’d love to look back and share those thoughts and stories with my kids now. Can’t wait to see what you capture as you welcome your baby into your life. Such a wonderful, exciting time!

  2. Life becomes so much richer when there is a new little person. Yes, you will miss those moments, but there are so many more adventures waiting to be had.

  3. Your post makes me think of my daughter-in-law who is experiencing many of these same things. I’m envious of the things young mothers capture through their blogs. We’re so excited to become first time grandparents in June, guess I’ll have to settle for capturing that journey!

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