10 minutes

10 minutes!

That’s all I need.











Not long

but it is enough.

It may turn into more

but it won’t be less.

I need these 10 counts of 60 seconds

I have so much to say

to share

to reflect.

I need to pour out

my thoughts

my experiences

my memories

my jokes

my lessons

my loves

my hates

my soul.

It may be scribbled

or maybe even typed.

10 minutes!




12 thoughts on “10 minutes

  1. As you can tell, I’m backtracking and catching up on your posts. I hope you find ten minutes to tell the stories that are waiting to be told.

  2. Ten minutes makes these seem a bit more manageable. I had a friend remind me (as I nearly backed out) that this is a slice, not a story. Ten minutes. That’s what I’m going to tell myself.

    Thank you,

  3. Delighted to have you back this year! I can’t believe your baby is about to turn one. (I remember when we announced her arrival last year.) Looking forward to slicing with you this year.

    • Oh Stacey, I can’t believe it either. I have so much writing to do from this past year. I can’t believe it has been a year since she interrupted my yearly SOL challenge 😉
      I often think about how sweet you were for announcing her arrival to the community.

      Thanks for popping over to say hi!

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