Cigarette Smacking

In Hong Kong smoking is far too common. I hate that my daughter and I are forced to inhale second hand smoke as we wander the city. Every day, I am tempted to smack the cigarettes out of lips of the smokers that I pass by.

My daydream goes a little like this:


Hello there business man in the tight-fitted suit gossiping about your colleagues,


Cigarette to the curb!


Hey old lady with the rotten teeth giving terrible advice to the young,


Cigarette to the sidewalk.


Pssst, hipster with your phone glued to your face,


Cigarette (and your phone while I am at it) to the street.


Excuse me, ancient man drinking the nescafe while scouting out the best horse for the race,


Cigarette straight to your newspaper.


Cigarettes are the worst!




3 thoughts on “Cigarette Smacking

  1. It is so disappointing to see so much smoking going on in the world when the research on health is so clear. I’m with you on wanting to smack it away.

  2. *Snort* I had to come find out what cigarette “smacking” could be–glad I did! I’m glad I live in a time and place where it’s really easy to avoid cigarette smoke. I remember as a kid, how the “smoking” section of the restaurant affected the “non-smoking” section too. Blech.

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