Our 5 minute marriage

Love is not a piece of paper.

It isn’t a party to say “I do!”

Love is the feeling when he walks in the room,

It is the hand resting on my knee.

Love is not a day to show and tell,

It is definitely not dressed in white!

Love is a kiss goodnight,

It is a tight cuddle in the morning light.

Love is not a box to check off on life’s long list,

It is certainly not improved with a walk down the aisle.

Love is my heart, my words, my actions.

Love is my life with you!

I wrote this poem a couple of years ago. Although my feelings on love have not changed, I might have signed that piece of paper last year.

As I suspected, it hasn’t changed much. Other than having to check married instead of spinster on Hong Kong documents and it has made travel a lot easier with our daughter.

Our wedding day was a pretty comical affair.

The ceremony lasted 5 minutes, maybe less.

The marriage hall had a few fake flowers sprouting from century old flower pots, a row of faded red chairs and a little wooden table at the front of the room.

The officiant was all business.

She told us what to say and where to sign. There were no I dos. No exchanges of rings. No family. No white dress.

It was simply a few close friends that we have met in Hong Kong witnessing Jeezy and I read the strange vows from the placard.

Our talented friend took a few pictures in a park near the Marriage Hall and we celebrated with a casual lunch and cupcakes

 We were home within a couple of hours for a quick nap and went on with the remainder of the day together.


I think sometimes we get pressured into inviting everyone we know and feel the need to spend thousands on a special day.

I think it is important to know that you don’t have to have all the bells and whistles to still have a really memorable day.


12 thoughts on “Our 5 minute marriage

  1. I love your 5-minute marriage story! The only thing I don’t love is that I wasn’t there to witness it myself. I’m so glad you and Jeezy found each other. You are a perfect match! Love you both! ❤

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