Wait, what should I do?

Co sleeping is wonderful

                                                   You’ll suffocate her!

Breastfeed only


No bottles

                                                  Pump for freedom!

Glass bottles only

                                                  Plastic, glass will break!

Transport with a carrier

                                                  Hip displaysia is real, strollers only!

Get outside

                                                  Oh god the sun!

Feed on demand

                                                  Schedule, schedule, schedule!

Follow their sleepy cues

                                                  Didn’t you hear me, SCHEDULE!

Soothe every cry

                                                  Cry it out!

Breast to soothe

                                                  You aren’t a pacifier!

Solids at six months

                                                  Why wait?

Help her walk if she wants

                                                  Stop, she’ll be bow legged!

Purée her food

                                                  Not enough texture, baby led weaning!

Baby led weaning

                                                  She’ll choke, purée everything!

Don’t bathe too often

                                                  Scrub that baby every night!


The hardest part of having a newborn is learning to ignore everyone’s advice and opinions!


15 thoughts on “Wait, what should I do?

  1. Omg – this is wonderfully overwhelming to me. I have two little babies in my life now and I even find myself saying, “Don’t you do this?” mostly because I’m honestly wondering/basing my inquiries on what I heard and figuring out if it’s true but I can see, every time I say something like that, that the parents are so inundated with opinions. I often wonder if it’s even possible for people to sit and enjoy each other without opinions, heh. I’ve taken to just watching the children and enjoying them… they’re such curious little things!!

    I tell myself: whatever choices the parents make, so long as the child is happy, healthy, eating, growing, it doesn’t matter. You have so much pressure put on you, so many opinions, so many decisions to make daily – it sounds so tiring. Even the decision to respond politely to someone saying one thing or another in your poem – that’s a touch decision!! Anyone who is doing this is a rockstar. I hope you feel that way at least once a week!! You deserve it. 🙂

  2. So funny, but sadly so true! I’m sure you did nod and smile a lot. Keep practicing that nod and smile, you have a lifetime of advice coming your way. 🙂

  3. It has been a long time since I had a newborn, but I remember being so frustrated during the baby years because the advice is inherently contradictory. I think you have to listen to your own heart and instincts; that and love the baby for all to work out for both you and your child.

  4. I do this to myself with my older kids too. Too permissive! Too restrictive! If only there were one perfect way, right?

    • haha, that is so true! We actually live on the other side of the world as my daughter’s grandparents so they don’t have too many opportunities to offer their opinions on things. I am lucky though. When we do see them or talk to them, they are very supportive and keep their opinions of parenting to themselves unless we ask! I appreciate that so much! Strangers on the subway, however… that is a different story.

  5. A great two voice poem. It reminded me of cartoons in which a person had an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other. People have very strong opinions on all these topics. Your last comment makes me think you found what worked best for you.

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