The case of the disappearing pants

This morning as I rushed around the house, preparing for a visit with an old friend. Late as always.  I grabbed my daughter’s clothes and brought them downstairs. I packed her food, diapers, water and shoes. Only 5 minutes late, I thought. Not bad! I put on her sweater and socks but couldn’t find her pants. I was certain I had brought them down with me. I ran upstairs to see if I had dropped them along the way but they were nowhere to be found. I dug through the mountain of clean laundry to grab another pair and rush down the stairs, as the minutes flew by. On my way down I thought, I wonder if she had moved them somewhere. She has been obsessed with opening and closing the drawers lately. SO I started peaking in our drawers around the house. Sure enough, there in the bottom drawer were her pants. When I took them out she looked at me and smiled! I on the other hand laughed. At least I had a good story to tell when I explained why I was so late!



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