Advice from the Train

Hong Kong has the most amazing public transportation system. I take the subway with my daughter just about every day. It is fast, convenient and clean. If I was asked to improve the train system, I wouldn’t add more routes or even increase the frequency of trains. No, that is perfect already. I would add a rule. actually a ban! I would forbid the elderly passengers from giving advice. I would put an end to the terrible advice that they spew to other parents, whether or not they speak your language.  Since having Marlowe, I have received some funny pieces of advice from the local elderlies.

Advice from the train…

  • “Uhhh excuse me” as an elderly man scurries across the platform “I think it better to hold the baby like this” as he uses his hands to gesture that my husband should have the baby sling in front of him rather than on his hip.”

I think it is just fine!

  • An older woman sits down next to me and peaks at the baby in my arms “Your baby is too young, she must be inside, very, very bad. The wind is not good for baby!” She proceeds to use her hands to demonstrate the way the wind will blow through the air.

I think it is just fine!

  • As I am changing trains a woman runs across the platform to inform me that “Many babies maybe will be afraid of this toy.” This particular toy is a crocheted cartoon with a large smile on his face.

I think it is just fine!

  • While I am breastfeeding Marlowe in her sling, a woman notices what I am doing, sees that there is a row of men in the seats across from us and she reaches over and pulls the side of the sling up and over Marlowe to cover my breast.

I think it is just fine!

  • A woman yelled at me in Chinese as she grabbed Marlowe’s long sleeve shirt then tried pulling the legs of her pants down to try to cover the small patch of leg showing in the 19 degree weather. I can only assume she was concerned that she was not dressed in 27 layers.


Thankfully I have had just as many words and gestures of kindness and support while on the train as well.








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