Weekly Meal Plans

This past year Jeezy and I have gone through a lot of changes. Bringing Marlowe into the world and deciding that I would take a break from the classroom to stay at home with her were likely the biggest of them all. In an effort to save money  and time this year, (it turns out that stay at home moms don’t make any mom and babies take up a lot of time)  we have been trying to make a meal plan for the week and shop for the ingredients we need. Prior to this, we found ourselves going to the store almost every day to get a missing ingredient or two. Let’s be honest, who can leave the store with just an item or two? In the end we were throwing in treats and special drinks when they weren’t always needed. Since we started this, I have noticed that we are wasting less food and I get a greater sense of enjoyment out of cooking. It has been such a positive change in our lives.

I always start by looking in the fridge in the cupboards to see what we need to use up. I look to my go to recipes to see if we can use any of the leftover ingredients. If that doesn’t work I look to my favourite food blogs and search for recipes that use those ingredients.

Then usually I will ask Jeezy if he has any dinner requests for the week. He usually names off one or two. I choose a couple and then we are usually ready to make a shopping list. We look at each recipe and put the items on the list. Every week, we get more and more efficient at this routine. I used to attach a meal to a particular day but I found that I liked being able to choose from my list each day. You never know how you will feel on Wednesday, you might want to make the easiest thing on your list or maybe you have lots of energy and you want to try the new recipe out. Our latest trick is dividing the shopping list into sections – refrigerated item, produce, Non-perishable items. When we do it that way, we don’t end up running back and forth through the store for forgotten items.

Once the list is created, I always double check that we don’t already have some of the items on the list. Lastly, I add our weekly necessities like fruit, oatmeal, milk etc. Then are ready to hit the store. We don’t have a car in Hong Kong, so we stick to our closest grocery store and bring our bag on wheels to transport it all home. Sometimes we shop as a family and other times I hand the list to Jeezy and let him have at it.

If we try a new recipe and it is a success, we add it to our list of favourite recipes. Having a list of recipes that you love makes meal planning a heck of a lot faster and easier. Every week our list gets just a little bit longer and our meals get more delicious!


In case you are looking for some great recipes, these are our top ten recipes:

(I have hyper linked the recipes that we use)


Top Ten Favourite Recipes in no particular order:

Dal Nirvana with homemade Naan bread (it is surprisingly so easy and good)

Bbq beans sliders with coleslaw

Feta Quiche

Chickpea shawarma 

Zucchini Galette

Vegetarian French Dip  We use this recipe for the buns

Tempeh Reuben Sandwich 

Veggie Burger

Smoked Paprika potato and Egg Bake

Pizza with whatever you want on it (homemade dough)








slice of life.jpg

I am taking part in twowritingteachers.com Slice of Life Challenge for the Month of March. Come and join us!


Our 5 minute marriage

Love is not a piece of paper.

It isn’t a party to say “I do!”

Love is the feeling when he walks in the room,

It is the hand resting on my knee.

Love is not a day to show and tell,

It is definitely not dressed in white!

Love is a kiss goodnight,

It is a tight cuddle in the morning light.

Love is not a box to check off on life’s long list,

It is certainly not improved with a walk down the aisle.

Love is my heart, my words, my actions.

Love is my life with you!

I wrote this poem a couple of years ago. Although my feelings on love have not changed, I might have signed that piece of paper last year.

As I suspected, it hasn’t changed much. Other than having to check married instead of spinster on Hong Kong documents and it has made travel a lot easier with our daughter.

Our wedding day was a pretty comical affair.

The ceremony lasted 5 minutes, maybe less.

The marriage hall had a few fake flowers sprouting from century old flower pots, a row of faded red chairs and a little wooden table at the front of the room.

The officiant was all business.

She told us what to say and where to sign. There were no I dos. No exchanges of rings. No family. No white dress.

It was simply a few close friends that we have met in Hong Kong witnessing Jeezy and I read the strange vows from the placard.

Our talented friend took a few pictures in a park near the Marriage Hall and we celebrated with a casual lunch and cupcakes

 We were home within a couple of hours for a quick nap and went on with the remainder of the day together.


I think sometimes we get pressured into inviting everyone we know and feel the need to spend thousands on a special day.

I think it is important to know that you don’t have to have all the bells and whistles to still have a really memorable day.


Cigarette Smacking

In Hong Kong smoking is far too common. I hate that my daughter and I are forced to inhale second hand smoke as we wander the city. Every day, I am tempted to smack the cigarettes out of lips of the smokers that I pass by.

My daydream goes a little like this:


Hello there business man in the tight-fitted suit gossiping about your colleagues,


Cigarette to the curb!


Hey old lady with the rotten teeth giving terrible advice to the young,


Cigarette to the sidewalk.


Pssst, hipster with your phone glued to your face,


Cigarette (and your phone while I am at it) to the street.


Excuse me, ancient man drinking the nescafe while scouting out the best horse for the race,


Cigarette straight to your newspaper.


Cigarettes are the worst!




One little thing

This little thing happened around this time last year.

It may have been small but it’s impact sent ripples through the universe.

This little thing…

Kept me guessing every moment of every day

Created fear and worry

Lit up the world with smiles

Caused more tears than I thought possible

Had me sit and stare, completely lost in a web of wonder

Push me beyond every limit

This little thing made me a better person

This little thing was you


My little thing.


I hope you continue to send ripples through the universe.




10 minutes

10 minutes!

That’s all I need.











Not long

but it is enough.

It may turn into more

but it won’t be less.

I need these 10 counts of 60 seconds

I have so much to say

to share

to reflect.

I need to pour out

my thoughts

my experiences

my memories

my jokes

my lessons

my loves

my hates

my soul.

It may be scribbled

or maybe even typed.

10 minutes!