The Block

“Ms. Taggart, I have the block!”

“You have the block? What do you mean?”

“You know the block, when you have no ideas.”

“Oh, you have writer’s block.”



Holding back laughter I continue.


“Oh I know exactly what that feels like!”

“You get the block?”


Unable to stop myself I use her words.


“I sure do get the block!”

“I thought teachers always know what to write.”


How VERY wrong you are, I think.


“Oh I get stuck for ideas all of the time but I have some strategies that help me! Can I share them with you?”



I pulled out my heart map, my list of things I have been meaning to write about and a few others.


“You made this list?”

“Yes, I am always adding to it. There are always lots of things I want to write about don’t always have the time to write them when they come to my mind so I put them on this list so I remember to write them later.”

“Hm. I think I will make that list.”


Unable to stop myself from using ‘the block’ again,


“I think that will really help to get rid of the block!”





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