Musical feelings



“It might be over soon, soon, soon
Where you gonna look for confirmation?
And if it’s ever gonna happen
So as I’m standing at the station
It might be over soon
(All these years)”

Over Soon by Bon Iver

This man has changed my feelings towards music. I could listen to him all day, every day. In fact my daughter danced so hard inutero during a Bon Iver concert that she was born the next day (a month early).


5 thoughts on “Musical feelings

  1. I LOVE BON IVER TOO!! I’m jealous you got to see him in concert 🙂 and “It might be over soon” is the first song that grabbed my attention from his new record – it is so unique.

    • A fellow Bon Iver fan! I can’t get enough of this song! I loved how his newest album was so different from his others but still so fantastic. We saw him before his new album, I am desperate to see him again! He was phenomenal in concert.

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