Lessons from a 2 year old




Dear Marlowe,

Today you are two.

Somehow I managed to help you survive for two whole years.  At first it seemed impossible but every day you taught me something new. In two short years, you filled my life with the lessons I needed, so that today it seems so easy. Spending time with you is a treat.

You are smart, strong and so very caring.

Your mind is full of wonder and excitement. Watching the world through your eyes is like peering out the window to a magical place. Your willingness to share your most treasured snacks with me, reminds me that the smallest things can change someone’s day. You change my day every day.


You are full of love.


The feeling I get when I hear your giggles and shouts of  “MAAAAAMAAAAA” through the door, when you hear me coming home from work makes my heart sing. The love you hold for your Dad is indescribable. Your early morning shouts for “DAAAAAADAAAAA!” make it easier to get up each and every day.  You have inspired me to show my love for others more often. Your endless love fills me with joy.




You are you, perfectly you and I am me, perfectly me with you by my side.






4 thoughts on “Lessons from a 2 year old

  1. She is perfect and you are perfect. I am so proud of the amazing momma you are to that adorable little girl. Happy birthday Marlowe! Your Auntie Ennif loves you so! 🙂

  2. What a wonderful letter and reflection on the first two years with your baby. It’s true what you say about it seeming impossible at first, but then you learn a little bit more each day about being a mom. Enjoy the journey through all of its ups and downs!

  3. This is so heart warming. I hope someday she will be able to look back at this read it and cherish it.

    I am expecting my first child this June, and my wife and I are so excited to start our family and have our own children to teach us to love and to laugh.

    Thanks for sharing!

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