A Trip to the Car Wash… perspective 1

Through Jeezy’s eyes:

I start the car. I give Marlowe a wave through the mirror and begin to check my mirror three times before I back out of the driveway at the high speed of 1 kilometre per hour. Stopping before entering the road. I close the garage door and wait for it to close completely before confirming that the road is clear. After looking both ways 5 times, I creep out of the driveway. I put the car into drive and proceed down the road at 10 kilometres per hour. Marlowe shouts “ALL DONE!” Ignoring her, I grip the wheel at exactly 10 and 2 and begin the journey to the car wash. I stop for exactly 5 seconds at each traffic signal. I know they say you only need to stop for 3 seconds but it never hurts to take an extra couple of seconds to look again. I drive 5 kilometres below the speed limit and let everyone pass as they please. Once we arrive to the car wash. I pull up as far away from the key pad as possible. I get out of my car to enter the code and wait patiently for the door to open. I buckle up again and sing with Marlowe as I wait.

Finally the door opens and I enter the car wash making sure that I am precisely in the middle of the bay. Backing up and readjusting until it is perfect. I place the car in park and the car wash begins! Marlowe cries in the back seat because of the scary sounds and weird colours pouring over the car. Shags crawls into the back seat to calm Marlowe down and I begin to calculate how long each part of the car should spend under the dryer in order to maximise the drying time given. Marlowe calms down and I exit the car wash without a drop of water to be seen on the surface of my car. I return home with caution, taking care at every intersection. When I arrive home, I beam with pride over my safe driving skills and my sparkling car.


Stayed tuned for The Trip to the Car Wash through Marlowe’s Perspective tomorrow…

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